Christian Counseling

Services We Provide From a Christ-Centered Approach

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This is our office

It is located in N. Knoxville at 5401 Kingston Pike, Suite 400 in Twelve Oaks.

From minor issues in life to major clinical problems ...

We are here for you. Give us a call and set an appointment.

Concerned for your children?

We provide support families with children of all ages, inlcuding foster children.

Trouble putting the past behind you?

Our clinicians help people set aside the past for a brighter future.

Individuals, couples, or families; Young or old;

We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Anger issues?

Emotional wounds leave scars, too! Get the help you need.

Life is precious.

Don't let the problems that you face rob you of life's pleasures.

The formative years are so important.

We work with families, including blended and broken families.

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Comprehensive Counseling Services
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Christian Counseling

The Lord Knows We Have Struggles and Is There For Us!

Isaiah 61:1-3 implores us to bring good news to the poor, heal the broken hearted, comfort all who mourn, give joy to those who are depressed, gladness instead of grief, and a song of praise instead of sorrow. Christian counseling integrates Biblical principles in the process, seeking wisdom from the author of life and one who can make changes, Jesus Christ. Both Dr. Scoggins & Melanie Nordstrom provide Christian counseling services at Counseling Connection. Melanie has provided Christian Counseling for many years and offers counseling support in her office at Life Church in North Knoxville.. In the past, Dr. Scoggins has worked as a Counselor at two Christian Mental Health Clinics (Meyer Clinic and the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association's Health and Hope Clinic in Florida). She has been a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and attended their International conference in Nashville, TN. 

Melanie and Dr. Scoggins believe in an integrative approach that includes both Psychological and Biblical aspects to counseling.  They take to heart the verse in Psalms 147:3 where David stated "He (the Lord) heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." The two Hebrew words that are translated as brokenhearted are (שָׁבַר לֵב) which literally mean "crushed" and "feelings" The Hebrew word for "wounds" (עַצֶּבֶת) does not mean physical injuries but refers to those who are afflicted with grief, sorrows, and troubles. The reference is to mental sorrows, to a troubled spirit, to a heart made sad in any way. As can be see here and in other places in the Psalms, even David, described as a man after God's own heart, struggled at times with depression. Yet, God himself promises healing to those who suffer from emotional wounds, given they are willing to let him “bind up their wounds”.  The latter reference describes a process, similar to that of physical wound care, that requires a type of intervention.  Therapy can be used as a way to create a healing environment and the tools necessary for recovery. We are given the promise of healing but still have to be willing to accept it and the process associated with it.

Don't delay. Get the help you need today! Call (865) 214-7584 to set an appointment.

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