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Addressing the Issues Unique to Military Life

Stress in the Military Impacts the Uniformed Members and Their Families

When military members serve in hostile fire zones, they are constantly on the alert, as they know there could be a roadside bomb around the corner, a suicide bomber targeting them, a sniper on a rooftop, as well as engagements with terrorist cells in open warfare. When they come back home, they often have problems dealing with the constant exposure to threats, the stressful environment, and the traumatic events they survived, many of whom suffer from PTSD. This takes its toll on the servicemembers and their families. (Did you know that  the Army over recent years has had more than 1 suicide per day of soldiers either in the battle zones or after they returned from the Middle East. Clearly, the trauma associated with service in hostile fire areas must be addressed by licensed clinicians.)

Dr. Scoggins is experienced in working with veterans suffering from PTSD and has completed professional training from Military Health Net, receiving the designation as a Military Family Life Counselor. She provided counseling to individual service members, couples, and family members of military personnel, as well as civil service employees of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, KY, (August to December 2010), Fort Greely, Alaska, (January to March 2011), to those serving in Camp Zama (25 miles south of Tokyo), Japan (March 2011 to early June 2011), and those serving in central Germany (October to December 2011 and April to June 2012). Her dedication to serving the military and their family members is clear in the willingness to go wherever there is the need for support to military communities, even when that involves great personal risk (e.g. immediately following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan).  She has also completed a program of study in Stress and Trauma Care with Military Applications, and (March through June 2010) traveled to Bethesda, Maryland, once a month for four months for several days of intensive training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a specialized approach used to effectively treat those who have been in crisis situations and exposed to major traumatic events.  Dr. Scoggins background spans three decades as a military dependent, with her husband serving on military installations in Germany, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, California, and Alaska.

It is not just the uniformed members who need assistance. Military families also need support, as they are also impacted by the deployments of troops to the Middle East. When military units deploy, they leave their families behind to face lives struggles without their presence to assist. The parent left behind must assume the role of mother and father in the absence of the spouse who has been sent to risk his or her life to serve the country. This can be quite stressful on the family.

If you are a military member, active duty or a reservist, or are a veteran who needs our help, please don't hesitate to call. We can help you overcome the traumatic events you have lived through in the past. The divorce rate among military families is higher than that of the civilian populous and, considering the unique stress factors that are associated with the military, it is easy to understand. However, it doesn't have to be so. We can help you and your family deal with the issues that are unique to military communities. Give us a call.

Don't delay. Get the help you need today! Call (865) 214-7584 to set an appointment.

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