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Tim N. Scoggins, LCDR (ret.), CEO, National College Counseling Center

Tim has an extensive background in Educational Administration as the founder of the National College Counseling Center (NCCC), which provides a wide array of support to major corporations and higher education institutions across the nation. In fact, more than a million employees of corporations and government agencies are supported by the NCCC, including the Yum! Brands Restaurants (A&W, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Wing Street), U.S. Airways and their subsidiaries (PSA Airlines, and Piedmont Airlines), Diebold Banking Technologies, and more. More than 400,000 comprehensive educational assessments and multi-institutional degree plans have been created and distributed to students over the past decade by the systems and processes that Tim created.

As CEO of the National College Counseling Center, an organization he founded in 2000, the teams he put in place and trained personnel at sites in Pensacola, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City who used the state-of-the-art degree exploration systems that he created.  The systems and processes in place can guide students in their progression to the completion of more than 7,500 undergraduate and graduate degrees from more than 365 participating colleges and universities. 

Tim provided process, policy, and program analysis as an professional advisor to several major universities, resulting in restructuring of degree programs, major changes to curriculum requirements, and aligning of policies to ensure regulatory compliance and accreditation standards are met.  The recommendations that he made were adopted and have benefitted tens of thousands of students across the nation. 

Educationally, Tim has earned a Master’s degree in Management from Regent University in Virginia Beach, undergraduate degrees in Technical Management (University of Phoenix), and Aerospace Technology (University of the State of New York at Albany), and, for his own personal edification, degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology.  He also began working on a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a major in Applied Computer Science, earning 12 semester hours, however, due to the high demands of his job, he discontinued pursuance of that degree.  In addition, Tim has completed the 80-hour professional certification in Total Quality Management from Organizational Dynamics, as well as the 84-hour professional certification from the American Society for Training Directors (ASTD) in Training and Development.

Guiding Military Members to Degree Completion

Former Service Chief of Voluntary Education for the Entire U.S. Coast Guard

Tim also served a distinguished career in the military in which he was promoted through 11 ranks, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander.  In fact, he served as the Service Chief of Education for the entire U.S. Coast Guard for many years, providing college degree program support for service members and their families.   His leadership and management responsibilities at the local level affected groups of people as small as a hundred to as many as a few thousand individuals on base.  Moreover, subsequent responsibilities included overseeing programs impacting entire branches of the military and major corporations across the nation and around the world, with his decisions and actions having a positive impact on hundreds of thousands.  As the Executive Officer of the USCG Institute, Tim supervised the creation of professional development courses for the USCG in more than a hundred subjects taken by more than 50,000 employees each year. 

Educational Support is FREE!

Be sure to see the Educational Counseling page on this site that explains how the educational supported offered by the National College Counseling Center is free to anyone desiring to take advantage of the amazing technology they offer which empowers people to explore potential advanced standing at colleges and universities across the nation. Also, visit our other website, for detailed information on the educational systems and services we provide free of cost to those whom we serve.

Don't delay. Get the help you need today! Call (865) 214-7584 to set an appointment.

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