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Understanding the Symptoms: Adolescent Drug or Alcohol Use

Adolescent Drug or Alcohol Use
Signs and Symptoms You Should Know
Are you concerned that one of your family members or perhaps a friend may be an adolescent using drugs or alcohol? Every individual is different, but there are common signs and symptoms that the person of whom you are concerned may exhibit that could be indicative of a problem that needs treatment.

Have you noticed...

  1. Change in eating or sleeping patterns
        • not sleeping or sleeping too much
        • loss of appetite or increase in appetite
        • exhibiting the "munchies" too often
  2. Changes in physical appearance
        • not taking care of hygiene and/or appearance
        • looking or dressing older than biological age
        • unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  3. Change in school performance
        • Sleeps in class
        • Lack of concentration - has trouble remembering things
        • Skipping school
        • Lack of interest in school work
        • Grades falling
  4. Changes in behavior or personality
        • Positive attitude about others using drugs
        • Seems to have a lot of cash or is often asking for money
        • Lack of interest in hobbies, sports, or other favorite activities
        • Withdraws from family activities
        • Acts paranoid
        • Acts confused
        • Seems depressed often
        • Disrespectful or has angry outbursts
        • Secretive - may lie about what he/she is doing or where he/she is going
        • Stealing or "losing" possessions he/she use to value
        • Change in friends
        • Violating parental-enforced curfew
        • Hyperactivity
        • Excessive talking
  5. Physical evidence of drug use
        • Needle marks on lower arms, legs or feet
        • Smell of substance on breath, body, or clothes
        • Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
        • Tremors or shaking hands
        • Bloodshot, watery eyes
        • Pupils larger or smaller than usual
        • Runny nose, cough without evidence of allergies or cold
        • Nausea or vomiting
        • Excessive sweating

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